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Car Wash Water Reclamation System: Types and Benefits

Consumers worldwide are reportedly willing to pay up to 24% more for sustainably produced products, and car wash businesses are turning to innovative solutions to reduce water consumption and minimize their […]

Maintaining Car Wash Tunnel Equipment: 15 Tips

Now more than ever, car wash businesses depend on their equipment for success. Every drive-through car wash now counts on dozens of fine-tuned machines, all working together in harmony to […]

10 Advantages of Owning a Car Wash Franchise

One thing becomes more and more clear in this modern world: People want good service, and they want it quickly. Car wash services are no exception. With the automotive industry […]

Strategies for Improving Your Car Wash ROI

With shifting consumer expectations and the dynamic nature of the car wash industry, staying ahead of the game is vital to the success of your car wash business. It’s not […]