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Deliver the Ultimate Protection With Rain-X®

Lift Revenue With the #1 Customer Favorite


Wash Stage: PROTECT

Rain-X® Surface Protectant stands as the industry leader in surface protection, boasting an impressive 80% brand awareness. When customers recognize and trust branded products, they’re proven to pay more for their vehicle care.

Market Leadership & Consumer Trust

Revenue Impact

*Case study major national carwash operator, $1.51 average revenue increase per car with branded chemistry vs. unbranded. Actual results may vary.

Unmatched Benefits

Rain-X® Graphene – Next Generation Protection

Wash Stage: PROTECT

At the core of every Rain-X® Graphene application is a promise of unparalleled protection. Formulated with cutting-edge nanoplatelets and hydrophobic polymers, Rain-X® Graphene delivers long-lasting durability and superior vibrance.

Advanced Performance

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Join the ranks of satisfied carwash operators and customers who have experienced the difference with Rain-X® – where protection meets innovation.


Our adaptive designs for tunnel car wash systems take the guesswork out of site design.


MacNeil car wash systems maximize efficiency. Enjoy higher throughput and record-breaking days.


At NCS, we partner with you from concept to completion and throughout the life of your tunnel wash.

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