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How Branded Chemistry Can Rev Up Your Revenue

Admit it, there’s a part of your brain that thinks brand-name products are better. For good reason, as branded products tend to earn their reputation for quality over many years of development, use and promotion. Usually a poor product cannot survive, even with the best branding. But a good product, distinctively branded, will lodge in your consciousness over time.

Logic tells us that generic medications, or house brand cereals or vegetables, or aftermarket car parts all may approximate their branded cousins. But as a consumer, it’s hard to resist the belief – wrong or right – that the branded product is superior.

That’s why, if you’re in the car wash business, and you’re not leveraging branded car wash chemicals, you’re leaving money on the table.

The Power of Branded Chemistry in Car Wash Services

Among their advantages, brands have built-in positive perception and a sense of familiarity. On a psychological level, this can even mean safety. In a sea of choices, why try something whose results you can’t predict? Today when people decide to buy the brands they prefer, it’s not just quality, brand loyalty, brand image, brand trust or brand persona they have in mind; it’s a combination of all of those and more. Often it’s simply about recognizing a brand that stands out.

The reality is, customers notice the branded chemicals in your carwash. And the confidence inspired by recognized brands makes a difference in what consumers will pay.

This hypothesis has been tested and proven. An NCS case study with a major national carwash operator showed consumer-trusted brands like Rain-X® and Armor All Professional® lift ticket averages by $1.51. Obviously results may vary based on a variety of circumstances. But that’s still a head-turning number.

Keep reading to discover how branded chemistry gives you a lift in car wash revenue.  

The Impact of Brand-Name Chemicals vs Generic

If you own a car wash, you’ve got two main choices for car wash chemicals – brand-name formulas or less expensive conventional. Conventional can save you money upfront, but using brand-name products is worth the extra cost.

Reputable Brands Leverage Trust

Established brands like Armor All have built reputations for quality and performance over decades. Their names instill immediate trust and convey an expectation of excellence, whereas generic products – no matter how good – are unproven commodities in people’s minds. 

Your car wash customers are not chemists (well, most of them anyway). They don’t understand chemical formulations. But they can recognize the sublime results achieved with brand-name products. They appreciate the vibrant shine, spot-free finish and fresh scents. And they connect them with a brand name and logo.

Enhances Your Car Wash Business Image

There’s an interesting phenomenon at work with branding. Recognized brands create an impression of “professional-grade” even when a consumer has never tried the product. You can see the benefit of that for your customer loyalty and business success. The perceived and anticipated professionalism extends to every aspect of your wash.

Brand-name professional car wash products become intertwined with your own car wash brand, car wash signage and image. Investing in brand-name chemistry creates the impression of a premium car wash service.

Provides Personal Validation

Not to get too “deep,” but brand choice allows you to make a statement about yourself, your standards, and your identity as a person. For many car owners, opting for top-tier branded products aligns with an aspirational self-image of success.

Vehicles are status symbols, and making your car or truck look great demonstrates a commitment to going above and beyond, never cutting corners and prioritizing the best for yourself. Using brand-name chemistry is a source of personal pride and validation not only for your consumers, but even for yourself as a car wash operation.

It’s like a badge of honor displaying, “I do things the right way – no shortcuts!”

Key Benefits of Branded Chemistry on Car Wash Revenue  

Let’s explore the business savvy reasons for choosing brand names over conventional or unbranded chemistry. All of the following can boost customer satisfaction, loyalty and sales. When branded chemistry is implemented right, a boost in revenue is the inevitable result.  

1. Brand Awareness Adds Value to Your Wash

One of the biggest advantages of national consumer brands is awareness. Armor All, for instance, is the #1 most recognized brand in the auto appearance market, with 90% customer awareness and 85.8% positive perception. Rain-X® surface protectant stands as the industry leader in surface protection, boasting an impressive 80% brand awareness.

It stands to reason that recognized and well-regarded brands make sense in terms of P&L. It’s about what the consumer will choose, given a variety of options.

2. Uptake of Higher Tier Wash Packes

Consumer behavior is undeniable: 44% of conveyor car wash consumers upgrade their packages when Rain-X brands, for instance, are showcased. This empowers operators to turbocharge their top-tier offer, raising ticket average.

Combining brands to create a premium package is another strategy. Chemistry brands like Rain-X®, Armor All®, Blue Coral® and Black Magic® can be promoted together in top tier offerings, multiplying their impact. 

 3. Leverage Brand Loyalty to Attract and Retain Customers

Major chemical brands often come with fiercely loyal fans. Think about diehard Rain-X users like your uncle at your family barbecue marveling about its water-beading ability. When devoted customers discover you use their favorite brand, they’ll choose your business. Word of mouth does the rest to drive traffic to your wash.  

4. Boost Membership Sign-Ups With Premium Offerings

Branded chemicals make membership programs more enticing. Adding a signature “Rain-X wash” or “Armor All Shine” to higher packages justifies the expense and promotes serious value. Customers love affiliation with top brands and will ascribe more value to your wash package. This converts more customers to memberships for recurring revenue.  

5. Promotional Opportunities for Branded Chemical Options

Well-known chemical brands boost your marketing and promotional power. It’s easier to convert on almost any offer when your free signature washes on Facebook or BOGO deals on a monthly “Mega Shine Wash” package feature well-known brands. 

Sometimes national brands run campaigns of their own. When they do, you can piggyback off heavy advertising. Their marketing powers yours.  

Choose National Carwash Solutions and the BrandEX Branded Chemistry Program  

Only NCS offers North America’s most recognized and trusted car wash chemical brands for your car wash – all in one place. But that’s just the beginning. There’s a right way and a wrong way to leverage branded chemistry for maximum revenue and profit.

Learn more about the NCS BrandEX Program which showcases branded chemistry at each wash stage for un unforgettable brand experience. Choose an NCS branded chemistry program, then get the maximum value out of it. Contact NCS for more details. Our dedicated team is ready to go to work for you!

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