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Making Every Drop Count

Car Wash Water Recycling Systems and Spot-Free Rinse


Each PurClean™ water recycling system reduces water and sewer costs by 65-75% on average, paying for itself in as few as 6 months. PurClean systems deliver that perfect spot-free rinse that customers love, along with water-saving, eco-friendly operation. An optimized set-up reduces average freshwater gallons per wash (GPW) to just 30-35. Patent-pending water purification and reclamation technology boosts car wash business profitability.

PurClean Car Wash Water Recycling System – A Pristine Wash and More Sustainable Path

  • Water reclaim systems
  • Spot-free rinse systems
  • E3 Series Reverse Osmosis (RO) units
  • Trench flush
  • Submersible setups
  • Aqualink systems
  • Installation and education
  • Service and support


Backed by technical service and support throughout the life of the car wash water recycling system


Leading the way with water conservation techniques to fulfill your environmental promises


Spot-free results drive sales and memberships. Water and sewer savings drive ROI.

Unleash the Power of Connected Water

Discover the peace of mind of monitoring your water systems online. Check your systems remotely using the NCS Lens app. Get instant alerts to maintenance needs or system issues. Reduce downtime and stop 1-star reviews before they start.

  • Fresh water bypass status
  • Real time RO and reclaim status
  • Maintenance and issue alerts

Consistency • Convenience • Cost Savings

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