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Why You Need Fleet-X for Your Dealer or Rental Fleet Car Wash

If you own a dealership or rental fleet, you know the importance of keeping cars clean. Your brand is on display. So your fleet car wash has be up to the task of cleaning vehicles properly, quickly and regularly. Old or inefficient car wash systems can tarnish your brand’s reputation.

Fleet-X Car Wash – Cleanest Fleet on the Street

Keeping an entire fleet or sales lot full of cars clean requires rugged, heavy-duty carwash equipment that can stand up to high throughput and also be serviced readily. Since it’s your brand on the line, wash quality is critical. Disappointed customers or prospects may not come back to your dealership or rental counter if your cars are not clean, dry and shiny.

But you also have to think about cost per car, operational efficiency and driving down overall costs. That’s why it’s crucial to partner with a reliable and reputable car wash manufacturer. Especially one that provides equipment engineered specifically for fleets.

NCS is a national leader in car wash solutions, technology and innovations. Now NCS further revolutionizes the car wash industry by integrating innovative automation and technology to optimize the fleet car wash process. Whether you operate several wash locations in a major chain or simply run a single location, Fleet-X from NCS can help take your business to the next level. 

The Next Generation of Drive Through Car Wash

Fleet-X represents the next generation of drive-through car wash systems. What sets Fleet-X apart from other fleet vehicle wash systems is automation and technology. This maximizes efficiency and cost savings. Fleet-X also has intelligent software that profiles vehicles for a personalized wash and innovative brushes that flex to clean hard to reach areas. You get beautifully clean cars while minimizing water and car wash chemicals, saving on costs. You also get high throughput: up to 90 cars per hour with an average of 45 seconds per car.

This Automated Car Wash Begins at Intake

The use of advanced automation helps monitor the size and shape of each vehicle entering your wash. When a vehicle approaches your tunnel, Fleet-X sensing technology monitors its approach. Once the previous vehicle has gone through, the system will let the next driver know their wash is ready with a green light. This helps ensure wash quality and driver safety by maintaining proper spacing between vehicles.  

By using automation for dealer or rental car wash intake, Fleet-X maximizes intake efficiency and communicates wash status to both drivers and wash operators.

Benefits of the Fleet-X Car Wash

The Fleet-X system not only cleans more vehicles faster and better, but achieves a greater degree of cost-efficiency. Automatic car wash equipment and innovative technology are the keys to speeding up each wash, as well as lowering operating expenses.

Improved Brushes for Improved Cleaning

The Fleet-X brush system uses sensing technology and intelligent software to profile each vehicle coming through the wash. Each brush is situated on a unique trolley design that allows it to access all sides of a vehicle’s exterior, adjusting to its size, shape and speed. Reactive brushes respond to each vehicle with customized cleaning processes that do not sacrifice quality for speed. The innovative wrap design and all-in-one pivoting coupler let each brush access hard-to-reach areas of a vehicle’s surface.

Precision Chemistry Panel 

The precision chemical panel provides the ideal chemical output for each vehicle.  The chemical dispensing system uses direct inject technology with a VFD driven pump to create consistent pressure. This allows for consistent draws and applications to optimize your chemical dosing and use cost. Significant chemistry cost savings can be realized by minimizing waste. The chemical panel can utilize either conventional or ultra-concentrate car wash chemicals.

Personalized Wash for Every Vehicle in Your Fleet

Fleet-X’s incorporation of advanced automation technology lets you provide a “personalized” wash experience for every vehicle that comes through your wash system. When a vehicle enters the Fleet-X system, high-tech sensing technology will identify its size, shape and speed and formulate the ideal wash. 

Fleet-X brushes use an innovative trolley system to move brushes across each vehicle according to its size and shape without missing any areas on the vehicle’s surface. At the same time, advanced nozzle technology optimizes spray configurations for each vehicle.

Reduced Downtime for Maintenance

High-tech fleet car wash systems can provide high-quality cleaning in much less time. However, the downside of more technologically complex systems too often is an increase in the need for maintenance. 

Fortunately, the design of Fleet-X car wash equipment greatly limits the maintenance downtime you need. Like all NCS systems, Fleet-X is made of commercial-grade, industrial materials that can withstand fleet use and don’t require an unusual level of car wash service. 

But the Fleet-X design itself also contributes to durability. Thanks to its simplicity, Fleet-X requires fewer moving parts to get the maximum clean. There are fewer areas that can break down and fewer pieces of equipment that need maintenance.  Fleet-X was designed with serviceability in mind to allow for easier access when car wash parts and components need maintenance. 

Improved Cost Efficiency

Increased efficiency and cost control is part of the fleet car wash equation. Older car wash systems with less advanced technology may limit how many cars you can process daily. This is especially true if you want to provide a high quality wash. 

However, the intelligent technology and automated car wash capabilities of Fleet-X give you a customized wash while allowing you to service more vehicles. The chemical panel in each Fleet-X system provides a perfect balance of wash car wash chemicals and water for each vehicle, so you’re not wasting resources in your car wash operation. 

Fleet-X advanced nozzle technology uses an optimized spray pattern to maximize coverage for each vehicle while minimizing water and chemical usage. NCS ultra concentrated car wash chemicals provide more efficiency and ease of handling, with less space, than conventional large drums of product.

All-in-One Solution

One of the biggest benefits of the Fleet-X system is its unique all-in-one system. Car wash fleet systems that utilize advanced technology rely on a complex relationship of individual system components. If you operate a car wash fleet washing service, your system will require brushes, chemical panels, rinsing systems, intake systems and so on. 

By using an all-in-one solution, Fleet-X integrates all elements of the wash process in one smart, durable, automated system perfectly suited for fleets. 

Upgrade to Fleet-X Today

The NCS Fleet-X system represents the next frontier in car wash equipment. With the perfect combination of automation, technology and innovative design simplicity, Fleet-X can produce a maximally clean vehicle in as little as 45 seconds while saving you significantly in terms of operating costs. 

Join the dealers and fleet owners across the country who want the car wash that’s fiercest on dirt. Get in touch with NCS today to learn more about Fleet-X commercial car wash systems.

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