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Making Every Drop Count

Revolutionary spot-free rinse and water recovery systems.


Clean. Green. Efficient and economical. PurClean™ water treatment and recovery systems reduce water and sewer costs by 65-90%, while delivering the perfect spot-free rinse. Water-saving, environmentally friendly operation attracts today’s earth-conscious consumer. Patent-pending purification and reclamation technology boosts profitability.

Get cleaner, more sustainable water with PurClean

  • Spot-free Rinse Systems
  • Reclaim Systems
  • E3 Series Reverse Osmosis (RO) Units
  • Trench Flush
  • Submersible Setups
  • Aqualink Systems
  • Installation and Education
  • Service and Support


Backed by superior technical service and support throughout the life of the product


Leading the way with water conservation techniques to fulfill your environmental promises


Spot-free results drive sales and memberships. Water and sewer savings drive ROI

Watch to see how PurClean systems helped achieve a thriving carwash.

Satisfied Customers Say It Best