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Next-Gen Clean: National Carwash Solutions Makes Bold Move to Unite Chemistry Brands

NCS Chemistry Sets a New Standard for Operational Excellence and Sustainability

[Grimes, Iowa, May 7th, 2024] – National Carwash Solutions (NCS), a leading provider of carwash solutions, is proud to announce the strategic unification of its chemistry brands under the singular, powerful banner of NCS Chemistry. This move follows the successful acquisition of multiple brands over the years and is aimed at delivering a more streamlined, efficient and comprehensive service offering to customers.

After extensive customer feedback, NCS has decided to sunset the Lustra, Cleantouch and ProFormance brands, reducing the number of product SKUs and rebranding the consolidated line under NCS Chemistry. This decision ensures that the products customers have come to rely on will remain available, now housed under a unified brand umbrella. This consolidation allows for a more robust and streamlined approach, enabling operators to scale efficiently without compromising on quality.

Streamlined Offerings for Every Need

NCS Chemistry will now offer a three-tiered package system designed to meet diverse operator needs:

  • Premium Branded Package: Includes top-tier brands such as Armor All Professional®, Rain-X®, Black Magic®, and Blue Coral®.
  • Deluxe Package: A mix of selections from both the branded line and the NCS Chemistry line.
  • Base Package: Comprises exclusively NCS Chemistry products.

In addition to brand consolidation, all ultra-concentrated reservoirs will transition to the Ultraflex line, simplifying the path to implementation and allowing operators to focus on what they do best.

Enhancing Environmental Initiatives

This shift not only streamlines operations but also empowers more operators to bolster their environmental efforts through the use of ultraconcentrated, environmentally friendly products. 

NCS will move away from the cumbersome 55-gallon barrels to the more manageable 1-gallon containers. This shift makes the products more accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender or physical strength, and simplifies handling. Additionally, shipping smaller, one-gallon products decreases the frequency of shipments needed, reducing the carbon footprint of their customers.

Expert Insight

“Our goal has always been to innovate in ways that make sense for our customers and for NCS,” explains Travis Feller, Director of New Product Development at NCS. “This unification is a testament to our commitment to listening to our customers and continuously improving our offerings to meet their evolving needs. By bringing our chemistry brands together under NCS Chemistry, we’re not just streamlining our products; we’re enhancing the entire customer experience.”

A Step Towards a Connected Future

This unification is part of NCS’s larger innovation roadmap aimed at creating a fully connected carwash ecosystem. This future-focused vision includes decreasing downtime, allowing for remote monitoring, and providing operators with precise control over carwash chemistry dosage and application via the NCS Lens app.

NCS is committed to leading the carwash industry through continuous innovation and customer-focused solutions. The unification under NCS Chemistry marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards creating a more efficient, sustainable and connected carwash experience.

More About National Carwash Solutions (NCS) 

For over 50 years NCS has been at the forefront of the carwash industry, providing innovative solutions and comprehensive support to operators across the country. With a focus on quality, sustainability and cutting-edge technology, NCS continues to drive the industry forward, making carwash operations more efficient, reliable and profitable. NCS has been the trusted partner for well-recognized chemistry brands like Armor All Professional®, Rain-X®, Black Magic® and Blue Coral®

Armor All®: Established in 1962, Armor All® is renowned for its premium car care products that help maintain the beauty of your vehicle’s interior and exterior surfaces, keeping them looking like new.

Rain-X®: Established in 1972, Rain-X® has been a pioneer in automotive care, offering a range of innovative products that provide superior protection and visibility, ensuring a clear and safe driving experience in all weather conditions.

Black Magic®: Trusted since 1964, Black Magic® offers car care products that deliver superior results, ensuring a deep, glossy shine and long-lasting protection.

Blue Coral®: With a legacy dating back to 1927, Blue Coral® provides innovative car care solutions designed to effectively clean, protect and enhance the appearance of your vehicle.

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