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Your doorbell is house is coffeepot is vacuum is lights are connected.

Your carwash should be too.

Wash Connected.

Welcome to Carwash 4.0™

Just as smart technologies like Alexa and Google Home – and countless apps for everything from your doorbell to your coffee pot – have become indispensable in our personal lives, Carwash 4.0 is poised to bring unprecedented efficiency and intelligence to the carwash sector.

"Carwash 4.0™ isn’t just an incremental step; it's a leap into a new competitive landscape."

What is Carwash 4.0™?

Inspired by Industry 4.0, Carwash 4.0™ fuses technology and data with the experience of the operator to set new standards for excellence, uptime, and customer experience.

Benefits of a connected carwash

Maximized Uptime: connected systems and sensors deliver remote monitoring, real time alerts and predictive maintenance to ensure operations run smoothly

Operational Excellence: boosted by automated systems, you can achieve a highly consistent carwash with greater efficiency and better reporting

Superior Customer Experience: data-driven consistency and unprecedented quality will attract and retain more customers

Scalability: Ready to expand? Carwash 4.0™ ensures you scale seamlessly, giving you multi-site oversight and control without onsite visits

Cost Savings: chemistry dosing with ultimate digital accuracy means you can dial in greater efficiency, cut waste and save on cost like never before

Start Today With Connected Chemistry

Catch the first wave of the Carwash 4.0™ digital transformation with the Connected Chemistry System – available right now only from NCS. As an early adopter, you’ll gain a competitive edge and redefine what your carwash business can achieve.

Wash Connected.