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Car Wash Tri Foam: More Than Just Pretty Colors

For your car wash to succeed, you must provide your customers with a satisfying experience for their money. Car wash tri foam is an excellent car wash chemistry product that provides customers with a clean vehicle and a bonus: a fun experience.

There are different types of rainbow car wash soap, and all can improve your car wash and please your customers. Read on to learn why car wash rainbow soap is much more than just a bunch of pleasing colors.

What Exactly Is Rainbow Car Wash Soap?

Tri color foam is actually multiple car wash chemicals. Each is known for the colors it produces in the foaming stage. When applied to a vehicle, many commercially available rainbow car wash soaps produce a pleasing pink foam, while others are red, orange or blue. You can even find colors that sound more like cocktails, like peach-mango and razberry!

And while these colors are certainly a treat for any vehicle owner, their real purpose is to let you know that the soap is doing what it should. 

Triple Your Fun

Car wash triple foam soaps incorporate several chemicals into the surfactant agent to provide additional cleaning services on top of simple dirt removal. For example, most rainbow triple foam soaps feature wax-like substances to protect a car’s exterior while helping water remove dirt and grime more effectively. 

Other triple foam products include cleaning agents that help with bug splatters, glass cleaning, and surface polishing. When used with an automatic car wash, triple foam soap can provide a much more comprehensive cleaning experience in a shorter amount of time. 

Your car wash can also use rainbow car wash soap for specific services. For example, you can advertise rainbow soap as an effective tire cleaner. Many triple foam soaps are infused with chemicals that are useful for washing dirt off rubber surfaces, like those found on car tires. 

Rainbow soap can be an effective glass cleaner as well. With triple foam soaps rated specifically to clean dirt and debris from glass, you can advertise a special service for washing windshields and windows on each vehicle that comes through. Plus, the pretty rainbow colors will surely entertain customers while they wait for their car to be finished.

Types of Tri Foam Car Soap

Car wash triple rainbow foams come in different varieties, and each rainbow foam product addresses a particular need. The more rainbow triple foams your car wash has on hand, the more cleaning experiences you can provide to your customers. 

Foaming Cleaners and Conditioners

Car wash conditioner agents are either high-pH or low-pH surfactants that use water and other cleaning agents to break down any dirt or stains on a car’s exterior. Once the wash is finished, the conditioner will produce a much brighter shine on the car’s paint than you would get with a simple soap and water wash. 

Foaming Window Cleaners

Triple-foaming window cleaners incorporate special surfactants that work best on glassy surfaces like a car’s windshield and windows. Rainbow triple foaming soap with window cleaning agents will help remove any lingering dirt, sticky residue, or other grime from a car’s windows in a much shorter time.

Thanks to its foaming capacity, these cleaners will latch on to any grime stuck on a car’s windows. The foaming agent is also much easier to wash off glass surfaces, so you can get car windows looking shiny and new without too much time and effort. 

Clear Coat Wax Protection Foam

This car wash chemical product combines car wash wax with a triple foaming agent. These types of products help your car wash to remove dirt from a car while providing a layer of protection at the same time.

The wax in the triple foaming agent will cause the water to roll off the car’s surface more quickly, which prevents water spots. Wax protection foam also provides a protective coating to the car’s exterior that helps cars withstand weathering and other potential hazards. 

The Advantages of Rainbow Car Wash Chemicals

Rainbow car wash foaming soaps and other cleaning agents offer a twofold benefit to your car wash. The most obvious advantage is how clean they can get a customer’s car. Thanks to their multifunction usage, rainbow foaming soaps allow you to provide a multifaceted wash experience to your customers for the price of a single car wash. 

If you run an automatic soap wash system, your customers will be treated to a fun show of vibrant rainbow colors while sitting in their vehicles as they go through the wash. 

Even if they’re just watching from the parking lot, the fun rainbow colors on their vehicle are sure to attract more attention than just plain white foaming soap. Combine this with the more effective cleaning, waxing, and conditioning these products provide, and your car wash will likely stand out much more in your customer’s minds than any competitors. 

Provide a Great Cleaning Experience for Your Car Wash Customers

If you are considering investing in car wash tri foam products for your car wash, it’s important to find the industry’s best products. At NCS, you can find the industry’s best car wash chemicals including branded chemistry only from North America’s leading car wash supplier. NCS also offers industry-leading commercial car wash equipment, car wash solutions, service and support. So if you’re looking for the best rainbow foaming soaps for your car wash business, visit NCS today to find the best products for you. If you have questions or need more information, contact us and a service team member will reach out to you. 

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