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Auto Dealer & Fleet Carwash

NCS Is the Leader in Fleet Car Wash Manufacturers

Proudly Own the Cleanest Fleet on the Street

If you own a dealership or rental fleet, you know the importance of clean cars. Partner with NCS, the leader in car wash manufacturers, for reliable and reputable fleet car wash machinery that makes your brand shine and keeps your vehicles beautifully clean.

Keeping an entire fleet or sales lot full of spotless, shiny vehicles requires heavy-duty car wash equipment that can stand up to high throughput and also be readily serviced when needed. Since it’s your brand on display, wash quality is critical. We provide custom carwash design and installation, as well as carwash equipment specifically designed for fleets.


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What Sets NCS Apart from other Car Wash Manufacturers?

  • Complete end-to-end carwash supplier all in one company
  • 600+ certified car wash maintenance technicians
  • Leader among car wash chemical suppliers
  • Hassle-free installation, project management, startup, aftermarket service and supply
  • Leading edge, durable and dependable car wash equipment that is less expensive to operate and maintain
  • Hands-on NCS College of Clean car wash training courses designed to give you a solid education and understanding of the best path to car wash profitability

What Can NCS Do for You?

  • Lower labor costs and reduce staffing headaches
  • Capitalize on consistency with superior car wash quality
  • Speed up wash time
  • Improve your CSI score
  • Keep your vehicle lot inventory clean and shiny
  • Improve aftermarket sales
  • Offer a free wash with service to your customers
  • Offer unlimited wash programs with car purchase
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Attract new customers

Upgrade to the Next-Level Fleet Carwash System

Introducing Fleet-X – the future of drive-through car wash systems! Upgrade today for a next-generation experience that leaves old carwash systems in the dust.

  • Wrap around brushes and innovative coupler design ensures a thorough clean, reaching even the toughest spots
  • Intelligent programming adapts to each vehicle, personalizing each wash for clean, dry and shiny vehicles
  • Designed for fast, easy service – reduces downtime
  • Save money on water and chemicals with state-of-the-art chemical and water management technology
  • The reliability and reputability of working with North America’s leader among car wash manufacturers

Join the dealers and fleet owners across the country who want the carwash that’s fiercest on dirt. Upgrade to the cutting-edge Fleet-X carwash system today.

No Other Car Wash Manufacturers Serve Your Business As Well as NCS

Learn more about car wash solutions of all kinds from NCS, from design and manufacture, to installation, service, supply, marketing and aftermarket.

Partner with NCS for Your Carwash Needs

What DOES NCS offer? NCS has the most comprehensive line up of car wash systems from express tunnels to roll over, both touchfree and softtouch.

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