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Car Wash Investments

Let NCS Show You How to Buy a Car Wash

Invest In a Booming Industry

Are car washes a good investment? Yes! Americans wash 8 million vehicles per day, spending about $15.2 billion per year at 100,000+ carwash facilities in North America. The car wash industry continues to grow with a projected CAGR of 5.7% from 2023 to 2030.* Profit per in bay automatic car wash is over $4.50 per ticket, and the annual revenue for car wash investments averages about $700,000.

At NCS, you’ll have ready expertise in how to invest in a car wash business. We offer the most comprehensive, wealth-building framework for new car wash investors, along with the support of skilled technicians and stellar car wash service once you own a car wash business. We’re here to help manage your car wash investments from opening to 10 years down the road.

Does Opening a Car Wash Require Experience?

You don’t need direct car wash operations or ownership experience to have successful car wash investments. National Carwash Solutions provides guidance, consulting and classes on carwash management, as well as new investor workshops.

Partner with NCS and we’ll help you make informed decisions regarding all kinds of car wash investment:

  • Desirable location 
  • Compliance with relevant laws (licensing, permits, insurance)
  • Business type
  • Staffing, personnel and training
  • Facility design, contracts, construction and installation
  • Financing (business plan, investment and earnings strategies)
  • Equipment supply
  • Marketing 

Carwash Investment Courses and Webinars

Keep an eye on our social media pages and sign up for a Carwash Investment Course. Topics typically covered include:

The State of the Carwash Industry
• Your Six Essential Steps to Carwash Profitability
• Turn-Key Solutions: the Easy Way to Success
• Q & A – Your turn to talk with the Experts!

*SOURCE: www.grandviewresearch.com