The Most Powerful, Energy-Efficient Vacuum in the Industry  

T-Force ushers in a new era of vacuum technology with a design that simplifies maintenance, extends lifespan and drastically cuts environmental impact. Achieve peak airflow with minimal energy, setting a new benchmark for vacuum performance and efficiency.

Up to 30% Energy Savings*
and 50% Longer Life*

Patent-Pending Single Stage Design

Longer lifespan, less equipment wear, quick onsite serviceability

The best vacuum pressure (Cubic Feet per Minute) with the least energy demand

Superior Suction

Dramatically lower energy and maintenance costs – profitable and sustainable!

Industry-Leading Efficiency

Online alerts for maintenance or issues with motor, filters and more

Connected Vacuum Technology

Revolutionary Features

Single-Stage Design

Uses one impeller instead of the traditional multi-stage (up to 8), reducing mechanical stress

Fast and easy onsite repairs in about 2 hours (industry standard is return to manufacturer)

Field Serviceable

Multi-User Optimization

Provides balanced flow under heavy use, while minimizing energy consumption

Not Just a Vacuum,
a Strategic Advantage

Eco-Friendly Performance: Saves up 
to 30% on energy,* supporting 
sustainable initiatives

Longer Lifespan: Relies on one turbine, decreasing bearing load and increasing service life by an estimated 50%*

Lower Total Cost of Ownership: Lower energy bills and simplified maintenance reduce operating costs

5-Star Customer Experience: Consistent and powerful vacuum performance 
regardless of customer volume

*Field test data: 6% to 31% energy savings compared to multi stage producers. Increased lifespan estimated based on bearing temperature data collected during alpha testing.

Innovative Connected

Vacuum Technology

T-Force is an NCS Lens Enabled Solution providing remote monitoring of your vacuum. Condition Based Maintenance gets ahead of outages and downtime.

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