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National Carwash Solutions Launches New Innovations at ICA Show 2024

NCS, the industry leader in carwash technology and solutions, is proud to announce its participation in the ICA Show 2024. During the show, NCS showcased a strong portfolio of innovative new products and programs.

Renowned as the proven partner for operational excellence and sustainable growth in the carwash industry, NCS focuses on enhancing customer satisfaction, improving efficiency and promoting environmental sustainability. Our latest innovation, Carwash 4.0™, exemplifies this commitment.

“We are thrilled to present our latest innovations and demonstrate our commitment to driving the industry forward,” said Jesse Wurth, CEO. “At NCS, we believe in making life better through carwashing, and our presence at the ICA Show reflects that dedication.”

Some of the products and programs launched at ICA this year:

T-Force Vacuum System: the most powerful, energy-efficient carwash vacuum solution, with patent-pending single stage design. In field trials, this revolutionary product offered up to 30% energy savings and 50% longer life vs. conventional multi-stage vacuum producers along with being the only unit in the market that is field serviceable, with a complete rebuild taking less than 2 hours.

John Tucker, President of Vacutech and the mastermind behind T-Force, shared his enthusiasm, saying, “T-Force represents a leap forward in vacuum technology. We’re excited to help operators elevate their services while reducing their environmental footprint.”

Reclaim Friendly Chemistry: NCS introduced its new chemistry line which quickly solves carwash water quality concerns including sludge and odor. Reclaim-friendly products improve filtration as they are free from surfactants and mineral oils that hinder water reclamation. This line delivers rapid results, with improved water quality and color, and reduced odors, often within one week. 

New Seasonal Fragrance Program: This new program by NCS Chemistry turns each wash into a sensory journey with exclusive seasonal scents like Summer’s Beachy Clean. During the show, NCS customers could experience scents for each quarter and place preorders for the summer scent launching in June. Customers also tested and voted on new scents for coming seasons.

Brooke Muscat, Product Manager for Chemistry at NCS said: “Our Scent Program is a great way carwash operators can enhance customer satisfaction and market differentiation.”

Sustainability by Innovation: NCS launched its environmental friendly program “Sustainability by Innovation” at the Car Wash Show this year. Sustainable products like Vacutech Vacuums, Ultra Concentrated Chemistry, and PurClean Water Reclaim Systems offer more power, less energy, and less waste to customers.

At the end of this power-packed three day event, NCS was awarded The Brian Campbell’s Best Booth Award in the Large Booth Category making this the company’s second victory in a row.

About NCS:

Founded in 1973 and headquartered in Grimes, IA, NCS is the carwash industry’s Proven Partner for operational excellence and sustainable growth. As part of its mission to make life better through carwashing, NCS delivers cutting-edge solutions that improve efficiency, promote environmental sustainability and enhance customer satisfaction. The company’s robust family of brands includes well-known names such as MacNeil, Ryko, Vacutech, PurClean, TSS, Armor All Professional®, Rain-X®, Blue Coral® and Black Magic®. NCS has also established the only direct end-to-end customer service and support network in the industry, and offers an advanced app-based carwash management system, NCS Lens, as part of its Carwash 4.0™ Connected Carwash vision for the future. For more information about National Carwash Solutions, visit http://www.ncswash.com.


National Carwash Solutions Press Contact:

Sabina A. Bhagat

Corporate Marketing Manager – NCS



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