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Single & Multi – Site Operator

NCS Has Your Optimal Car Wash Solution

Why Choose NCS?

NCS — the car wash industry leader — has the complete MSO solution for your specific needs when it comes to tunnel equipment, central vacuums, critical parts, ultra-concentrated chemistry, maintenance services, parts, training and marketing.

Make NCS the one-stop shop for all your MSO car wash needs. Our NCS Partners In Profit program tailors a customized bundled MSO or SSO solution to meet all of your business needs while saving you money. Let us handle all your car wash needs — efficiently and cost-effectively — so you concentrate your efforts on growing your tunnel or IBA business.

Count on us for assistance with site configuration, permitting, financial advice, architectural and building partners, MacNeil and Ryko quality car wash systems and CleanTouch chemistry, NCS service and parts, staffing and training, marketing and payment options. NCS Service offers all the supplies, parts, support and maintenance services your MSO/SSO will ever need — provided through our nationwide network of skilled technicians and unparalleled customer service.

Making the Right Decisions

Several factors and costs must be considered before determining the right MSO/ SSO solution.

  • What is the cost? Should you lease instead of purchasing to spread out the costs? Why not lease to test out new equipment before purchasing?
  • Are small changes, such as new brushes or different chemicals, sufficient? Or should you go big by adding another bay or acquiring all new equipment?
  • Are the new products in the industry worth the extra cost to you at this time? Is a “new and exciting” experience important to you and your customers?

Benefits of Retrofitting Car Wash Facilities

  • New, high-efficient equipment lowers operating and maintenance costs.
  • New technology helps increase efficiencies and yields improved cleaning and greater customer satisfaction.
  • New signage increases visibility from the street, increasing revenue and improving your ROI.
  • New features that are valuable to the customer allow you to increase prices and grow profits