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New Investors

Let NCS Help You Navigate a Car Wash Purchase

Is This a Good Time to Buy a Car Wash?

Yes, absolutely! According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Americans wash approximately 8 million vehicles per day at car washes, spending about $5.8 billion per year at the 100,000+ car wash facilities in the U.S. This figure is expected to grow as more municipalities enact regulations that prohibit car washing in driveways and parking lots to prevent waterway pollution. This may partially account for the finding that during the past 15 years, the number of car owners using car wash facilities instead of washing cars themselves has increased by 69 percent. *

There is money to be made. The Average In-Bay Automatic washes 20,000 annually. The average profit per car is $4.35 for in-bay automatic washes. Tunnel car washes average 45,750 vehicles annually, and the annual revenue at such facilities averages $686,250. *

What is Required When Opening a Car Wash?

You do not need direct car wash operating or ownership experience. National Carwash Solutions provides classes on car wash management, and even offers a new investor workshop to introduce you to the car wash industry and provide practical knowledge to help you invest wisely.

Partner with NCS and we’ll help you make informed decisions regarding:

  • Desirable location (high-traffic area with maximum visibility)
  • Compliance with relevant laws (business licensing, building licensing, construction permits, insurance)
  • Business type (sole ownership, partnership, franchise)
  • Staffing (number of personnel required to operate your business, required training)
  • Building (facility design, quote evaluation, contract examination, construction supervision and installation)
  • Financing (based on your business plan as well as investment and earnings strategies)
  • Equipment supply (automatic in-bay or tunnel car wash system)
  • Marketing (signage, promotions, advertising, social media and digital marketing)

* SOURCE: All statistics are from
https://brandongaille.com/19-car-wash-industry-statistics-and-trends/ , published in May 2017