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Leading the Way With New Innovations

Shaping the future of carwashing.

For over 50 years National Carwash Solutions has been synonymous with innovation.

From the introduction of revolutionary wash components to the pioneering of new chemistry solutions, NCS has led the way like no other carwash company. If you have a drive to outpace the competition, we have the innovations to help you do it.

Carwash Operations in Your Pocket

Tap into a connected future

Each NCS Lens Enabled Solution in your carwash communicates in real time with the Lens App on your phone, so you stay on top of your ops. Get instant alerts to low chemistry levels or vacuum system concerns. Track and tweak efficiency online to cut waste, save cost and deliver the best customer experience.

Unrivaled Precision

Dose to the mL and save up to 27%

The industry’s most accurate dosing technology. Greater consistency means cleaner vehicles and happier customers. Fine-tune dosing – 6000 settings! – on the Lens App to improve efficiency, cut waste and reduce cost.

Ultraconcentrated Chemistry

Big brands. Small footprint.

Do away with heavy drums. NCS Ultraconcentrates are lighter, smaller, cleaner, safer and easier to handle. They’re ultra efficient. And they come in the brands your customers prefer – proven to raise ticket average by $1.08 or more.

Black Magic
Blue Coral

Wash Index Equips You With Data

Knowledge is profit.

This valuable report reveals strengths and weaknesses of your carwash site vs. competitors using 15+ automated metrics. No other source is as easy to read and quickly tells you what you need to know: exactly where to focus to improve your business.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

See how much difference your chemistry can make.

When you switch to ultraconcentrates, you can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint due to shipping and resource efficiencies. Check out the Carbon Footprint Calculator to see how one easy decision can make your carwash friendlier to the earth.