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Commercial Car Wash Doors You Can Trust

Open Your Doors With Confidence

Since 1995, we’ve been a trusted manufacturer of top-quality carwash and commercial doors for major companies across North America.

Renowned for superior design and construction, our commercial doors withstand harsh climates and offer a choice between durable polycarbonate and high-speed vinyl options. As industry leaders in speed and durability, NCS Doors (formerly Baywatch) doors ensure the safe and smooth operation of your carwash investment.

25 Years of Consistent Reliability, Security and Quality

  • Polycarbonate or vinyl doors
  • Top-level security and heat retention
  • Built for extreme cold and wet environments
  • Smooth operation, high speed reversal
  • IntelliWatch Operating System
  • Remote control of access and temperature
  • Highest grade parts and materials
  • Custom sizes for any bay

Polycarbonate Doors

Top-Level Security and Heat Retention

  • Triple wall panels
  • Anodized aluminum frames
  • Highest grade parts and finish
  • Custom doors for any bay

BayFlex™ Vinyl Doors

Developed Specifically for Harsh Environments

  • Corrosion-resistant materials
  • Breakaway design
  • High volume, low maintenance
  • Trouble-free operation

IntelliWatch Operating Systems

App-Based Control of Access and Heat

  • Smart phone or tablet monitoring
  • Instant alerts for security and peace of mind
  • Remote access and temperature control
  • Fully integrated app

BayHeat Heating Solutions

Advanced Features, Certified Quality

  • Natural gas, propane and electric options
  • IAS & CSA certified
  • Durable, safe, environmentally friendly
  • Wall or ceiling mount


We engineer unparalleled quality into every door we make


Wash 200+ more cars a month by having a faster door system


Save on heat with doors that close out cold more quickly

NCS Doors Premium includes IntelliWatch operators. Both Premium and Standard offer a completely enclosed, direct shaft-driven operating system designed to withstand the harshest cold and wet environments. Both come with a NEMA 4 rated, 1/2 hp waterproof gearbox and motor assembly (center image) that gives years of consistent reliability.

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