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Best-in-Class Doors for All Climates

Built to handle the harshest weather.

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No matter what your climate, Baywatch commercial and carwash doors can take it. Since 1995, we’ve been building consistently reliable polycarbonate and high-speed vinyl doors. The IntelliWatch program gives you peace of mind with remote monitoring and control of your doors. Invest in the best and keep your carwash on track.

Ready for life’s ups and downs.

Temperature control, remote access and IntelliWatch monitoring and management

  • Polycarbonate Doors
  • Vinyl Doors
  • Heaters
  • Operating Systems
  • Temperature Control
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Installation
  • Service


Single thermostat for doors, heaters and heat mats prevents freeze-ups and cost of wasted heat


Avoid costly repairs to carwash equipment. Get alerts if a door is stuck open or a heater failing


Intelliwatch Operating System offers online access and service partner remote diagnosis

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