With the innovative NCS Lens App, you can fine-tune your carwash chemical application from anywhere – even the beach. Reduce excess usage and significantly lower chemistry costs at the tap of a setting on the app. Less waste, more wow as you easily take control on your phone or tablet. 

  • Receive real-time alerts for low levels or equipment outages, ensuring minimal downtime. 
  • Maximize productivity and keep your business running smoothly. 
  • Benefit from consistent, high-quality applications for every car.

“We never thought we could get tire shine right until we found AccuShine. The consistency is unmatched!”

- Dan Nebeker, VP Operations, ShinyShell Carwash

“AccuPump has transformed our operations. We've saved over 10% in costs and the control we now have is phenomenal.”

- John Richard, DSI Car Wash Solutions

Say goodbye to lack of control over chemical dosing and tiring hands-on adjustments. Say hello to the most powerful – and easiest – carwash chemistry solution. Get connected with NCS and get ahead of the game.

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*Savings estimates variable, based on current chemical dosing equipment 

*$99 for the first three months, followed by regular payments for the remainder of term. Financing terms are subject to change and dependent on credit parameters, including collateral and documentation requirements and credit approval. Loans provided by Regions Bank, member FDIC, doing business as Ascentium Capital. 

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Say hello to the most powerful carwash chemistry solution.

Save up to 27% on chemistry costs with Connected Chemistry.

Life is better with Connected Chemistry.

What is the Connected Chemistry System?

Manage carwash chemistry on the app.

Get Your Connected Chemistry System for $99/month for the first 3 months*

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