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Connected Vacuum: The Most Powerful Carwash Vacuum Solution

Let’s start with the obvious. A carwash vacuum is an indispensable piece of equipment for every serious player in the car wash industry. Vacuum stations or services are unquestionably a magnet for customers and profitable membership programs. Secondly, vacuum stations and bays have become a key touchpoint for car wash brands.

Okay, so your vacuum matters. But…

To get the most out of your vacuum offerings, they need to be in very good working order. It only takes a couple bad experiences to spoil a customer’s opinion – potentially forever. A full 73% of consumers say they will abandon a business after three or fewer negative experiences. 

Maintaining a high standard isn’t easy. Central vacuum systems are complex machines, subject to heavy use. It’s a constant headache keeping your vacuums in tip-top shape.

Until now.

Time you knew about an innovative new vacuum solution that enhances vacuum reliability, optimizes performance, extends equipment lifespan and keeps customers happy.

What Is the Connected Vacuum System?

The Connected Vacuum System from NCS makes maintaining your car wash vacuum a breeze. It starts with the installation of a Vacutech central vacuum, or refitting an existing vacuum with Lens Enabled technology. Then, the Lens Vacuum Bridge connects the vacuum to the NCS Lens wireless backroom hub and to the mobile app, which enables users to keep an eye on their vacuum system from anywhere in the world and provides 24/7 automatic monitoring.

The Lens system sends out alerts when it detects a failing motor, dirty filter or vacuum pressure problem that could impact service. These automatic alerts let users catch problems early, before they can affect customer experience or cause serious damage.

The Advanced Features of the Connected Vacuum System

Historically, many commercial vacuum problems would wind up being discovered by customers themselves. This was because equipment failures and clogged vacuum hoses are difficult to properly detect and address before they become a disruption. The situation has been a serious pain point for customers and car wash professionals alike. 

The Connected Vacuum System changes that. Below, we break down how it uses condition-based maintenance (CBM), performance optimization, industry-leading design, and more to make the worst headaches of vacuum maintenance a relic of the past.

Condition-Based Maintenance and Real-Time Alerts

The Connected Vacuum System allows for an unprecedented degree of real-time monitoring. It facilitates condition-based maintenance via a system of sensors and real-time alerts tied to recommended interventions. It’s capable of identifying a host of meaningful changes, including:

  • Increasing motor vibration
  • High differential filter pressure
  • System pressure too low or too high

Unless you’re a “vacuum whisperer,” these changes may go unnoticed onsite, but they represent real elevated risks for poor customer experience, system stress or equipment failure. 

With a Connected Vacuum, motor vibration is monitored to track bearing health. Differential pressure transducers track system and filter pressure. No special skills or guesswork is required.

When a problem is identified, an automatic alert is sent to management via the NCS Lens app. There, the relevant data can be easily reviewed from anywhere. These early alerts allow proactive maintenance or repairs, greatly reducing the risk of motor failures and unplanned downtime.

Performance Optimization and Energy Efficiency

Performance optimization starts with a Vacutech central vacuum system. The Vacutech design team considers each site’s layout and the total number of vacuum stations. With this information, the team designs the system that’s best suited to that location.

Once installation is complete, the Connected Vacuum System further promotes operational efficiency by communicating directly with the vacuum producer’s variable frequency drives (VFDs). It will alert users if a potential performance issue is identified, such as fluctuating power conditions. With these early alerts, wasted energy consumption can be kept to the absolute minimum.

Unparalleled Airflow

Many of the hassles customers experience come from poor airflow. Even the best car vacuums will disappoint if airflow is insufficient, allowing dirt and debris to fall out of the airstream and settle into the hoses and collectors. Over time, the debris builds up and restricts the amount of space air can move through, further reducing airflow. 

Eventually, a total clog can form, rendering the vacuum useless.

The Connected Vacuum System was developed on the premise that with a high-quality commercial carwash vacuum and continuous monitoring, this problem can be effectively eliminated. It can detect losses in airflow before they have a significant impact on customer experience, giving car wash managers ample time to clean out the offending debris.

The Business Advantages of Connected Vacuum

Keeping operating costs low while building customer loyalty is a time-tested path to business success. It’s also at the core of the Connected Vacuum System’s value proposition. This system provides any car wash with vacuum services a cost-effective means for preventing vacuum service interruptions, ensuring a more consistent and high-quality user experience. 

Reduce Operational Costs and Increase Profitability

There are three main ways the Connected Vacuum System reduces operational costs. First, it supports energy efficiency through optimized vacuum performance. Loss of efficiency can be identified and addressed immediately, keeping utility costs low.

Second, it reduces the frequency of major repairs and parts replacement by catching problems early. It allows users to intervene well before the system experiences catastrophic damage. What’s more, when replacement is required, it can be planned reducing the necessity for costly expedited services.

Finally, it boosts profits by reducing unscheduled downtime. It enables precise, condition based maintenance. Intervention is dictated by the system’s specific needs, revealed through data analytics.

Leverage Technology for Competitive Edge

The car wash industry is competitive and rapidly changing. Every business needs a point of differentiation to compete. Having free self-serve stationary vacuums isn’t enough; 77% of operators offer the exact same perk. So, the Connected Vacuum System was designed to support an exceptional vacuum user experience.

Industry-leading Vacutech systems fit this description in every respect, from the arches, stanchions, awnings and lighting to a prominent display of brand colors. Add in the “never broken” connected system and 24/7 automatic monitoring and you have a consistent service that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Seamless Integration With Existing Carwash Systems

The vacuum itself is a standalone system. This makes for easy installation in almost any car wash business, regardless of existing equipment. As for the monitoring capabilities, these integrate perfectly with other system monitors, thanks to the NCS Lens mobile app. With the mobile app installed, comprehensive monitoring of all key systems can be managed from anywhere, anytime.

Extend Systems Lifespan

When operational costs are kept low thanks to early problem detection, the lifespan of the vacuum system is also being extended. The fact is, the longer a problem persists, the more strain it puts on the equipment. Take, for example, an airflow obstruction. So long as the obstruction is present, the system will be less efficient. That means it will require more work from the system to get the same amount of vacuuming done. This added effort accumulates for as long as the problem goes unresolved, wearing down the system components including the motor prematurely.

Of course, even the best vacuum systems in the world will require maintenance eventually. However, with the Connected Vacuum System installed, car wash owners can enjoy unprecedented operational up time.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction Through Reliable Service

The only safe bet for keeping customers happy and patronizing your car wash is consistent, high-quality service. That means fixing issues before they have a noticeable impact on daily operations. Historically, this level of prevention just wasn’t possible for carwash vacuums. Now, thanks to the Connected Vacuum System, it’s not only possible, it’s easy.

Make the Shift to a Connected Vacuum for Business Growth

The future of car wash vacuuming has arrived. Together, the industry’s best vacuum for car interior cleaning and the industry’s leading mobile monitoring technology can put a stop to service interruptions, prevent equipment damage, conserve energy and delight customers. If you’re ready to make the shift to a better way of vacuuming car interiors, it’s time to contact National Carwash Solutions.

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