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Connected Chemistry: The Most Powerful Carwash Chemistry Solution

Why do some commercial car wash businesses seem to mint money while others barely break even? Customer satisfaction and operational efficiency are the most significant factors in a carwash’s success. And both can be dramatically improved. The key is Connected Chemistry, an innovative new app-driven remote chemistry management system.

Carwash owners or investors thinking about buying a car wash need to know about the Connected Chemistry model of doing business. This approach is all about optimizing technology to boost a company’s efficiency and effectiveness. It’s a system that aims to create more satisfied customers. It also maximizes convenience, control, consistency and cost savings in the chemistry area of the car wash management business.

What is the Connected Chemistry System from NCS?

Connected car wash systems are an example of Industry 4.0 technology. Industry 4.0 is often referred to as the fourth industrial revolution. It’s a modern manufacturing methodology that revolutionizes how companies produce, improve, and deliver their goods. Manufacturers are incorporating technologies like connected systems and remote monitoring with sophisticated sensors. They’re also incorporating Internet of Things (IoT), advanced data analytics, AI and machine learning and cloud computing into production operations.

In the car wash industry, this revolutionary approach brings together several advanced technologies: 

    • Connectivity – Interconnected systems for real-time data collection and remote monitoring. Connection between your car wash equipment and the app on your phone.

    • Analytics and Intelligence – Harnessing the raw data generated by connectivity, turning it into actionable insights you can use to improve processes and anticipate maintenance.

    • Human-Machine Interface (HMI) – The ability of machines and humans to interact seamlessly. User-friendly dashboards for enhanced control and monitoring.

    • Advanced Automation – Use of robotics and AI to streamline processes, increase efficiency and consistency, and reduce the need for hours of hands-on work.

The result is a “connected carwash,” which is the next level of automated carwash, offering many different benefits for your car wash business.

The Connected Chemistry System: A Game-Changer

Accurate Dosing and Cost Savings

Car wash chemicals are often a balance of usage and cost vs. quality results and a satisfied customer. Imprecise understanding of usage makes this balance a guessing game. This laborious trial-and-error process requires hands-on work, and never quite gets consistent.

The Carwash 4.0 framework substitutes precise data for guesswork. Your dispenser is connected to the internet and to you via the app. So you know at all times exactly how much chemical is being used (in mL) for each step of the wash. This includes presoak, scent, foamer, wax, wheel dressing, drying agents, sealant and more. You can potentially reduce usage without compromising quality, but only if you have the precision to dose in fine increments.

Likewise, the AccuDose System has advanced pump technology and sophisticated software that self-regulates chemical consumption and overcomes the weaknesses of other systems. No more inconsistencies driven by water pressure variations, drum levels and supply line length, temperature and viscosity fluctuations and worn or clogged tips.

Since dosing settings come with a cost component, connected systems give you reporting on cost per car for each chemical. All this is possible due to Carwash 4.0 connectivity, real-time data collection and remote monitoring.

Bottom line? Field tests have demonstrated Connected Chemistry can reduce chemical cost by 27%, especially in the area of tire cleaner. Over time, those savings pay for the upfront investment of upgraded technology.

Benefits When You Wash Connected

Real-time Alerts – Know Before It’s Low

Technology has reached the point where you need never have a reservoir go dry unexpectedly. Owning a car wash has enough headaches without that! Connected Chemistry monitors levels and alerts you when they are low. Task lists as part of the software allow you to assign someone to refill chemicals and confirm job completion before there is an interruption in customer service or a car that doesn’t sparkle.

You’ll also automatically receive real-time alerts when you experience an equipment outage. Quick responses will ensure you maximize uptime and keep your car wash services on track. 

Consistent Customer Experience 

When you visit a branded carwash across town, you want it to perform just like the same branded wash in your own neighborhood. A connected system for chemistry helps you provide a consistent customer experience. Make a change in one place, and you can quickly implement it across multiple sites from the same dashboard. Hands-on work can’t compete with instant digital precision. Data-driven consistency delivers unprecedented quality – an essential part of every professional car wash business plan.


Connected Chemistry makes possible standardized chemistry programs you can manage from the same central monitoring platform. These systems are designed to be easily deployed across multiple locations, reducing the time and resources required for setup. New locations immediately deliver the same chemicals in the same amounts, fulfilling customer expectations.

By delivering a consistently exceptional customer experience, operators can build a strong reputation, foster customer loyalty, and attract new clientele to their automatic car wash.

Ease of Use

The Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is the ability of machines and humans to interact in a natural way. Although Connected Chemistry is driven by state-of-the-art technology, you don’t need an IT certification to use it. The NCS Lens App is simple, intuitive and powerful – essentially a dashboard for your carwash.

Embrace the Future of Car Wash Chemistry With Connected Chemistry

As North America’s premier provider of car wash equipment and car wash solutions, we set the standard for or the carwashing industry’s best solutions, customer service, and cutting-edge innovations. We’re proud to be at the forefront of Industry 4.0 transformation, leading the charge towards a future where technology and innovation once again drive the carwash industry to new heights.

Learn more about how to Connect Your Car Wash Chemistry and explore commercial car wash equipment from NCS. Start your business off toward a brighter future today.

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