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College of Clean

In-Depth Hands-On Car Wash Industry Training

In-Person Courses

Hands-on car wash training from industry experts gives you an edge in operating your business.

Online Courses

Get car wash training and expert insights while attending classes remotely.

Learn From the Industry’s Top Professionals

College of Clean car wash classes are designed to give you a solid car wash education and thorough understanding of car wash operation. Taught by industry professionals, these courses teach practical skills you’ll use every day. Our custom training facility centers around actual car wash equipment including a full car wash tunnel.

NCS is excited to offer one-of-a-kind educational experiences to carwash owners and operators. Come see what no one else in the car wash business can offer.

Sign Up for a College of Clean Chemistry Management Course

This unique course only from National Carwash Solutions offers real-world, hands-on class instruction to teach you how to successfully manage your car wash chemistry. Learn how to portion car wash chemicals and formulate and dispense them to maximize efficiency and minimize costs. For safer employees and happier customers, as well as greater car wash profitability, this is a must-have training for anyone managing carwash chemicals.

College of Clean course topics include:

  • Safety handling and chemical use in your carwash
  • The Five Factors of Clean and how they deliver a clean car
  • Titration and volumetrics – important calibration and optimization for efficient usage
  • Chemical application systems
  • Cost analysis
  • Inventory management
  • Reverse Osmosis and reclaim water treatment systems
  • Troubleshooting and fixing chemical issuesreal-world

Maximize Your Car Wash Equipment Expertise

Available Car Wash Courses

2024 NCS College of Clean

Tunnel Maintenance & Repair

NCS College of Clean Workshop Includes:

  • Equipment Overview
  • Five Factors of Clean
  • Pneumatics & Hydraulics
  • Electrical Components
  • Controller, Programming, & Timing
  • Chemical & Water Systems
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting

Cleaning Solutions

NCS College of Clean Workshop Includes:

  • Safety
  • Five Factors of Clean
  • Titration and Volumetrics
  • Chemical Application Systems
  • Cost Analysis
  • Inventory Management
  • RO and Reclaim Systems
  • Troubleshooting

Tunnel Management

NCS College of Clean Workshop Includes:

  • Safety Management
  • Managing Employees
  • Customer Service
  • Handling Damage Claims
  • Establishing Policies & Procedures
  • Working w/ Distributors & Vendors
  • Managing Inventory
  • Operational Finances
  • Marketing and PR

Rollover Maintenance

NCS College of Clean Workshop Includes:

  • Equipment Overview
  • Gantry & Brush Movement
  • Electrical & Pneumatics
  • Chemical Systems
  • Operator Interface
  • Reclaim and RO
  • Maintenance Checklists
  • Troubleshooting

Additional Car Wash Training Resources