Exceptionally precise, consistent application

The advantage is right in the name: AccuDose System. No other dosing technology is more accurate and consistent car after car. Greater consistency means cleaner vehicles and a better customer experience. Fine-tune dosing via the Lens App to increase efficiency, prevent waste and save on chemistry costs.

Increase efficiency, cut waste and cost

Save up to 27% in chemistry costs when you optimize usage on the app

Unmatched precision with 6,000 settings

Track and tweak settings for best wash quality

Consistent application on cars and tires

Front of car. Back of car. Every car.

Reduce downtime with real-time alerts

Get alerts to low levels or equipment outages

“The AccuDose System immediately impacted our profitability. The dosing technology enables our team to save time, receive real-time reports, and stay ahead of wash quality and chemistry usage.”

Joe Russell, Former Owner of Rocket Express Car Wash

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See how the AccuDose System can revolutionize yourchemistry dosing.
Improve your business and bottom line. 

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