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10 Types of Car Wash Machinery for Your Business

Whether you own one or several car washes, you want to offer the best car wash machinery for your specific market. Customers want to find the option that suits them best for the products they use, services they receive, and an overall experience that addresses their unique needs.

From a high-end automated car wash to your standard self service car wash, here’s a rundown of the types of wash equipment car wash manufacturers can provide for your car wash bay or car wash tunnel. 

Top 10 Types of Equipment

The car wash industry is experiencing tremendous growth that will continue through at least 2031. This is great news for car wash investment, but with this kind of growth, car wash owners must find ways to compete to maintain success and keep the thrill in owning a car wash. Take a look at these 10 types of car washes you can get from car wash suppliers to offer customers whatever type of car wash they prefer to use. 

Conveyor System

A conveyor car wash guides your customers’ vehicles through a sequence of cleaning stages using a conveyor belt mechanism. The conveyor guides them through specific cleaning stations, including presoak, high-pressure wash, foam application, brush scrubbing, and a final rinse.

A conveyor based automatic car wash is one of the best car wash solutions because it can handle high vehicle volumes without compromising cleaning quality. This makes them suitable for busy areas with constant vehicle flow, like urban or commercial districts. Conveyor type automatic car wash machinery is great for optimizing revenue during peak times.


A touchless car wash delivers a thorough and gentle cleaning without any physical contact with a car’s surface. Instead of brushes or cloth, touchless systems utilize high-pressure water jets and specialized cleaning chemicals to eliminate dirt and grime from your customers’ vehicles. 

Touchless car washes often appeal to owners of luxury, classic, larger, or delicate vehicles because they preserve the vehicle’s paint and finish by eliminating physical contact and accommodate larger vehicles since the wash bay’s brushes do not limit them. Here’s how it works:


      1. The vehicle enters the wash bay, and sensors determine its dimensions for precise water jet targeting.

      1. The presoak applies a cleaning solution to loosen and dissolve dirt and grime.

      1. A high-pressure wash with powerful water jets and a cleansing foam loosens filth from the car’s surface.

      1. A high-powered jet rinse washes everything away before air blowers leave a streak-free finish on your customer’s vehicle.

    Since this car wash doesn’t touch the cars, it offers the least risk of damage that any commercial car wash can provide, while servicing a wide range of vehicles.

    Soft Cloth

    Soft cloth automatic equipment utilizes rotating cloth brushes made from materials like foam or microfiber to eliminate dirt and grime gently. They thoroughly clean cars while prioritizing the safety of the car’s surface and can handle many vehicle types.

    Similar to touchless systems, a soft cloth car wash begins with a presoak that uses specialized cleaning solutions. A gentle brush scrubbing follows where rotating cloth brushes gently scrub the vehicle’s surface to remove dirt and grime without harming the paint or finish. Finally, a foam application further breaks down any remaining contaminants before a high-powered rinse. 

    Hybrid System

    Hybrid car washing equipment combines features of touchless and soft-touch car wash set-ups. These systems integrate both methods’ advantages — such as a delicate approach to paint finishes.

    As a vehicle enters the wash bay, sensors calibrate its dimensions. A specialized cleaning solution is applied, and high-pressure water jets rinse it away. Rotating cloth brushes supply a deeper clean, followed by a cleansing foam application and spot-free rinse.

    Thanks to the power of two cleaning methods, hybrid car washes are fantastic for customers whose cars haven’t seen a wash in a while or have recently seen some very dirty conditions. 

    In-Bay Automatic

    In-bay car washes are what everyone remembers from their childhood – sitting in the front seat and watching the brushes get to work through the windshield. This kind of car wash machinery is speedy, convenient, and perfect for busy car owners who want to add a car wash to their daily errands. They also help car wash owners save money, as they require fewer wash operators than other systems. 

    Here’s how it works:


        1. Customers choose their desired wash cycle and pay at an automated kiosk.

        1. They drive into the car wash bay, and their preferred wash cycle begins.

        1. Depending on their selection, a touchless, soft-touch, or any other wash option you provide completes with a high-powered blow dry, and the customer drives off.

      Tunnel Car Wash 

      The terms “tunnel car wash system” and “conveyor car wash system” are often used interchangeably, but they refer to slightly different car wash solutions you can buy from car wash manufacturers.

      A conveyor car wash system’s main feature is the conveyor belt mechanism that moves cars through the wash, while a tunnel car wash system refers to the structure of the car wash facility. Your customers’ cars move through the car wash tunnel while the wash chemicals and pressure rinses provide an excellent wash.

      Tunnels provide a large blank canvas and are great for drawing attention to your establishment when adorned with signs for special deals or any other advertisements.


      A self-serve car wash supplies your customers with the car wash space and places the cleaning process in their hands.

      Self-serve car washes offer a range of services, including presoak, foam application, brush scrubbing, waxing, rinsing, and vacuuming. They’re great for truck washes and other large or bulky vehicles. 

      Self-serve car wash systems often operates on a coin or token mechanism, but some modern kiosks accept credit and debit cards or even some forms of digital payment. 

      Express Car Wash

      Express car wash machinery performs multiple cleaning tasks simultaneously and appeals to customers seeking a quick and hassle-free car wash experience. High-pressure water jets may work on one part of the vehicle, while foam applicators or rotating brushes address other areas. This approach reduces downtime and accelerates the overall cleaning cycle.

      Undercarriage Wash Systems

      Undercarriage car wash systems are dedicated to thoroughly cleaning the underside of vehicles. Undercarriages are prone to dirt, salt, mud, and road grime buildup but are often overlooked. These systems use specialized high-pressure nozzles that automatically dispense water and cleaning solutions to remove debris from the undercarriage. 

      Undercarriage wash systems are a great customization option. Ask about them when speaking to car wash suppliers. 

      Water Recycling Systems

      Water recycling systems capture, filter, and reuse wastewater after a car wash. There are several types of water recycling systems that offer:


          • Sediment separation

          • Reverse osmosis filtration

          • Chemical removal

          • UV disinfection

        Commercial car wash machinery that recycles water saves on sewer and water costs, builds a positive public image that creates loyal customers, adheres to environmental regulations, and helps preserve delicate ecosystems affected by wastewater. 

        Car Wash Vacuum 

        Offering a high quality car wash vacuum at your car wash is almost a given at this point. Customers expect it and miss it when it’s missing or missing the car wash vacuum parts. A commercial vacuum cleans better than a vacuum at home. Part of your car wash marketing and signage should highlight your car wash vacuum system.

        Tips for Choosing the Best Equipment and Supplier

        The appropriate machinery can make or break your car wash operation. Before you go looking for any old equipment for sale, take a moment to:


            • Define your business model: Clarify what clientele you intend to serve and their desired services.

            • Do your research: Understand how different car wash options work to match them with your business needs.

            • Consider throughput: Plan to handle your expected vehicle volume without causing delays.

            • Identify quality and durability: Invest in long-lasting gear to minimize maintenance and ensure consistent operation.

            • Research maintenance and support: Consider what kind of maintenance will be required and the support you’ll receive from car wash manufacturers after purchase and installation. 

            • Review customization options: Outfit your wash to tailor wash programs to a diverse range of customer needs.

            • Evaluate supplier reputation: Choose established suppliers known for quality and reliability.

            • Look up local regulations: Adhere to environmental and water usage rules.

          Importance of High Quality

          As with any profession, quality equipment from reputable car wash manufacturers is key. A wedding photographer would never show up with a disposable camera, and you don’t want to offer customers a subpar product, either. Investing in quality automatic car washing machines:


              • Builds a positive reputation and brand for your business

              • Saves you money on maintenance and replacements

              • Improves customer satisfaction by providing high-quality services and results

            Discover the Best Car Wash Solutions and Service for Your Business

            If you want to build one of the best car washes, you need the very best in car wash suppliers as well as a versatile selection of high-quality car wash build packages to help you corner the wash market in your area.

            NCS offers the very best car wash machinery in a range of car wash solutions, from quality automated car wash systems to a great self-service in bay car wash. Your car wash customers will be grateful you invested in the right equipment when they see shine on their vehicle. 

            NCS is tops among among car wash manufacturers and car wash suppliers to build your car wash business. Contact us to learn about our wide selection of equipment, service, supplies and car wash par

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